which speakers the leff eggs or def tech procinema?



hiya, in the process of buying some small speakers, and dont know which are better the keff eggs or the definitive technology pro cinmea 80 series, they will solely be used for home cinema, anybody help please, price wise i can pick them up for similar prices so thats not a worry, and its mainly the sound i am interested in, thanks, merv.

Ian J

The Def Techs are quite rare and you won't find many who have heard both. I have had Def Techs in the past and thought that were excellent satellite speakers but haven't heard the eggs.


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Hi mdannydog

I have heard both the Def Techs and the Eggs and can honestly say that the Def Techs are much better.
I was looking to buy the Def Techs for some time and then the Eggs appeared and these were much more suited to my budget.

I visited a number or Hi-fi stores and listened to both speakers and whilst I was impressed with the Eggs they were a tad bright for my liking.
The Def Techs definitely had more midrange than the eggs.
After listening to both speakers for a while I can definitely say the Def Techs were winners and I bought these.

I also thought that the Eggs looked horrible and the misses wasn't impressed with them either (very Important!!!).

Last time I looked Rayleigh hifi was selling these for around £700.00

By the way I demoed these with the Denon AVR-3802 amp

Big Jim

might be worth having a look in the power buys forum at the gallo micros...

I am just starting a wife acceptance campaign for them;)

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