which speakers for bedroom??


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ive been reading the forum for the last couple of months to build up my knowledge of av equipment as im wanting a home cinema setup for my bedroom. below is the equipment i own at the moment
  • Denon AVR-2805 AMP
  • Samsung 32inc R87 tv
  • PS3
  • PS2

now my room isnt exactly big so my first question is related to where the speakers should be placed. at the moment room layout is like this:

now the wall behind tv isnt exactly straight. you can see what i mean in this link now regarding the back 2 speakers would i better off placing them in position A in pic 1 or facing downwards in position b in pic 2. i will be using the surround for mainly watching films and gaming and will be either sitting or in the bed

Pic 1

Pic 2

2nd question is at the moment i have about £200 for speakers. after reading
various threads in here here i have put together 2 options which of these should give the best sound bearing in mind the size of the room

option 1
buy a basic speakers package from the ones below
  • Tannoy efx5.1- £150
  • Jamo A102 HCS5- £180
  • Kef KHT1005.1- £200
  • Canton 60x or 80x
out of these which one would give the best sound?

option 2
look on ebay for separates speakers and build up the 5.1 system from there but is it possible to get a full system off ebay for £200ish. is it possible to get a complete kef egg setup off ebay for around £200

last thing ive got till end of this month to purchase as my exams start next week as i wouldnt use them as much till beginning of june which leaves me that time to look out on ebay

thanks for any help


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also forgot to mention my whole budget was £300 for amp and speakers. amp cost me £100 off ebay and it came with qed speaker cable. aint had a chance to measure it but it should be enough as long as i buy another 5 meters of it

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