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Oct 28, 2003
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ok just installed my new 7.1 system, all attached to Pioneer AX10.

I am curious as to which speakers are used when listening to a 5.1 DD track.

are :-

a) The Side Left / Right used as the rears

b) The rear left / rightr used as the rears

c) Side & rear reated as one channel

d) any other combo.

Is this a Dolby configuration or selected on the amp etc. etc?

Could always play a film and listen, but wanted some expert opinions.

In a properly setup Dolby/DTS 5.1 configuration the surround sound will come from side left and side right. The Rear L&R are used with a Dolby Digital EX or DTS ES soundtrack.
The side L&R's will work individually as two seperate channels but the rears will only work with only one channel coming out of the two.
However, you can set your amp so that the surround backs are always on, off or in auto mode. I keep them always on with my AX5i which means the amp derives a centre back signal from 5.1 non-EX/ES soundtracks and hence 7 speakers (+sub) are in use for all DD/DTS tracks (and DPLII/neo 6 decoding).

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