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Which Speakers £300-£400

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by Loony, Jan 9, 2003.

  1. Loony


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    I am planning to buy a new set of speakers for home cinema/music and have narrowed it down to the following options:

    Eltax Liberty 5+ package ~ £250

    Tannoy MX ~ £250/300
    fronts: mx2 or mx3
    center mxc
    rears: mxr

    Wharfedale Diamond 8 ~ £300/350
    fronts: 8.2 or 8.3
    center: 8 center
    rears: 8 dfs - has anywhere got these in stock yet?

    Elac Cinema 1 sub/sat package ~ £350

    Elac Cinema 2 sub/sat package ~ £400

    Mordant short premier sub/sat package ~ £450

    I'm unsure what the best choice of speakers is or even whether to go the sub/sat route. I have a pretty small room which is an awkward shape (14' x 12' into the alcoves) so its hard to position the speakers well. The sofas up against the back wall and there isn't too much space for big rears on the side walls because of the door, max depth ~ 200mm.

    I will be using the system 50/50 for movies and music so stereo playback quality is as important as multichannel.

    My other kit is:

    DVD - Yamaha DVDS520 (for cds also)
    Amp - Marantz 4200
    SAT - Panasonic Sky box

    Can anyone recommend which is the best choice or is there another option I have missed?

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