Which speaker wire to replace QED SA?


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Oct 2, 2003
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I've been meaning to replace the QED Silver Anni. for sometime now after being dissappointed with its bright sound which does not sit well with my KEF rdm 2's and rotel 1075 p/amp.

What would you recommend with a budget of £10-15 p/m
I went from QED SA to Lat international SS800 with great results, it took away the brightness and added more bass

They are selling it direct at a reduced rate of £11 ppm


Go to the exdem section
Have you thought about trying Chord Rumour, I haven't heard it yet so can't speak from experience but it's got some good reviews, apparently it has a good bass response, might be worth considering.
I upgrade from silver a a while ago. I opted to go with Van Den Hul Teatrack bi-wire. Helped ruduce the brightness when I had my B&W 602 S3's and sound great with my Ninka's:)
Originally posted by Stereo Steve
Build some FFRC from www.tnt-audio.com You'll never look back.

Always enjoy a bit of DIY, so I'm definitely interested.

The instructions given on the page are less than clear though.

What I don't understand is for a 5m biwired pair do I make up 4 lengths of 3 core cable? Meaning 60m of cable is needed???
You use 3 cat5 cables per speaker. So take 3 5m lengths (maybe longer as plaiting can shorten the finished product depending on the tightness) for each cable you want to make. You will probably need about 35m for a 5m pair.

The FFRC recipe is flawed in my opinion (shared by others in that it's easy to get wrong. CJROSS came up with the CC-FFRC which is easier. See here for similar questions and answers to yours.


Try it and you'll be a convert.
Cheers Steve,

I've decided on making the UBYTE-2 Speaker cable and a GWS Interconnect. I've just ordered all the bits from maplins/rs.

Will report back in around a week after I've constructed the cables.

Should be interesting because at the moment I'm skeptical to say the least but perhaps thats the best way to go into this, otherwise expectations could lead to a big dissappointment.
Cool, I'd be interested in your report. I was very sceptical, especially after blind testing QED SA against 1.5mm mains flex and hearing no difference. But, the FFRC blew me away.

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