Which Speaker wire/cable to use?



Hello All,

I have a Denon 4802R receiver and Def tech speaker system(BP2004TL, CLR2500, BPX, SuperCube 1). I am currently shopping for speaker wire and cable. I am in a confused state as to which is the moderatly best cable to get the best performance from the speakers.

What sort of interconnect is to be used between the speaker and the receiver for LFE and subwoffer. Is it RCA, Co-axial or something else.


Ian J

I guess that you are not posting from UK as your speakers aren't at all common over here.

Many of our members buy their cables from Blue Jeans and if you are posting from USA this would seem a good option for you.

The Canare cables from here are highly recommended for connecting subwoofers to the amp.

Although I have never seen the Def Techs on sale in UK I am interested to know what you think of them, especially the subwoofer.



Which cable would be best for the other speakers.


Ian J

Everyone seems to have different views on speaker cable. For moderately priced cable QED Silver Anniversary is what I use on my front M&K speakers and Ixos 607 which is a budget flat cable for running under carpets for my rear speakers.

The Silver Anniversary seems to be very popular in UK
Ian, have you tried simple, solid mains flex (2.5mm T+E)? Would be interested in some more opinions as I found it at least the equal of QED SA and another guy on here reckons it's transformed his system, replacing Cable Talk 3.1.


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That guy would be me and it has!

The mains flex costs 1/10th of what the cabletalk costs and in my opinion has easily surpassed it!


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