Which Speaker should suit my system ?




I want to replace my speakers, becouse I belive that they sometime play loud but they never sound good in terms of musicality...

My Current System is

Marantz cd67KI Cd player,
Denon Pra 1000 Precision Pre amp
Denon Poa 1500 Precision Power amp
Pionneer cs7030

Monster Cable 2 Rca Cables
ve High Definition speaker cables...

listening room is not too big.. it is about 3m*4m

I want a bookshelf speaker that do not get too "boomy" in my room

I generally listen all kinds of music .. except Metal, Hard Rock and Progressive Techno.. .

My desire is clean vocals, mid-range spectrum .. and balanced sound...

at the moment I have no exact budget plan ..

I want to know that which direction should I go and what is the level of my configuration

which level of speaker should I use...

for example should I go to Dali icon series, or Evidance .... may be jmlab Cobalt series .. a piar of B&w.... or what ...

I want to read your words...

Thank you...


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well i dont know your equipment personally so i cant make a true recommendation, but you've already picked a few choices worth looking in to so best bet is to go give those a demo in the shop, ask if you can bring your amp and CD player in for the afternoon so you can hear it with your own kit, or listen to them in the shop on their equipment, then borrow a couple demo pairs to take home (if they allow it they will want a credit swipe for the full amount as security, then refund it if you dont want any of them, or keep it obviously if you order a pair and refund the ones you dont want)

however to add to your list as speakers i'm aware of and have heard myself, if your budget is limited to around the £400 mark, Monitor Audio RS1's are very good, nice vocals, good midrange, they have pretty good bass for their size, altho it isnt overwhelming....

or if you can hit higher (upto around £800)and your amps can support them then try Monitor Audios GS10's....fantastic treble, vocals and midrange....and plenty of bass when necessary, but can be foam bunged in the rear port to help if your room gives boom from them.....

the nice thing about going with the GS10's is you can feed them pretty expensive kit (ie amp and source) and still gain more from them......i have the GR10 predecessors, and altho they the same price (£800) i feed them a £1,500 MF amp because it gives even more to the sound....so buying speakers like these keeps your options open for future upgrading later....

but demo as much as you can of different speakers, there is bound to be a pair out there that gives you what you want ;-)

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