Which speaker setup fit my room?


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During my look for a new smart TV in my living room, I got worried about the sound quality.

I have search around mostly at soundbars, as I don't see any space for a receiver and at some degree the speakers as well.

But I got confused at what setup would fit my room?
I have considered all possible soundbars from 2.1 to Dolby Atmos (5.1.x).

I have attached my room layout. To the right is my dinning space, which is near the other wall with all the windows.

My expected budget would be around 1000 USD.


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If you change the seating around so that the front speakers will be away from the door then it's more than possible to have a 5.1.2 Atmos set up in that room. Your budget though for even an entry level purchase of receiver, speakers and subwoofer is too low. You could start off from a receiver and a stereo speaker layout and build from there as and when funds allow.


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Thanks for the insight.

I have been thinking about receiver vs soundbar.

Soundbar has the advantage that it can work standalone: No cords. No speakers. Eventually with a subwoofer.

My question should probably have been:
Due to my wide room, how good will virtual surround be?

If I cant get sufficient vitual surround I might just go for 2.1 or 3.1.
In that case i did consider a receiver and two front speaker.

Regarding upgradebility/futureproofing, some soundbars can be upgraded with wireless speakers.
And then my bouncing mind is back to square one.

Budget was more a guideline than an exact max.


I can't say good virtual surround will be given the performance of any soundbar. It is fair to say that a soundbar cannot compete with a correctly placed surround sound system. You can get soundbars that can pair with wireless surround speakers for that information and advice you would be better off asking in the soundbar forum. I've only ever used full speaker systems.


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