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I am about to invest in some new speaker cable. It has to be flat to keep the Mrs happy & it will run up walls. I intend to colour code it to match the walls. I have to do some fairly longs runs i.e 10 metres. I don't have a huge budget for this so I have narrowed down two possibilities

1. 79 Strand OFC or
2.152 strand which is not OFC
Both of which I can buy 100m reel for £60ish

Questions are
1. What difference does OFC make
2. Is it best to have equal lengths for all the front speakers(3) or does this not make any difference.

My system is a Marantz 5400ose amp and Bose Accousitimass speakers(yes I know they are not rated but I fell for the hype & trade in deal)

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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I have just bought some OFC cable for my rear speakers, i paid £11.99 for 30' and it's 105 strand cable. It's not flat though so i used small electrical conduit to carry it underneath the coving.

I wouldn't say that having OFC cale is going to make any massive difference to be honest, again, it may well be hype or purism surrounding the OFC and its benefits.

So far as having different cable lengths for the front three speakers, i wouldn't bother. Have them as long as you need them to do the job.

Out of the two choices i would go for the more heavily stranded option.

Maybe i'm a sucker for the hype too though ;)


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As long as the 2 wires are relatively close (one wire distance is good), it's a good conductor (copper, silver) and is of adequate size (4 mm2) you can hardly go wrong for a "budget" speaker cable.

ps: the wires should be relatively close to reduce inductance.

trevor g

your local maplins do a range of flat cable in colours

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