Which SPDIF connection is more common?



Hi guys

I,m getting a new motherboard for my HCPC Project, but want to know which SPDIF connection is

a. more common on lower end amps


b. which cable is cheaper

Its just that the new Abit NForce 2 mobo has a Optical SPDIF and the ASUS model has a coax connector, and I,m unsure which to get, but i,ll probably go with the asus.

Ok thats all.

Thanks guys



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It really depends very much on the Amp Manufacturer - neither are really any more common than the other.

As for cables Coax is much cheaper - just use a half decent phono interconnect such as those at tandy etc. for about £5

You can buy optical to coax convertors for £30 ish

to sum up:

Don't let this be the deciding factor on your MoBo it is not so important, take a look at reviews etc.

One point - I think it is the ASUS that has a fan speed controller - called Q-Fan - could be great to reduce CPU fan noise.



I have seen threads in other forums talking about issues with the Nforce chipset as well, I am not sure how reliable the posters were, I do not have one, but you might want to check and see if anyone in here has that chipset on their cards before you buy it.

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