Which soundfield for everyday 5.1/7.1 use?


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Please forgive the massive newbness of the questions.

I bought a new Sony receiver recently, have got 7 speakers set up (having a bit of trouble with the .1 - my old sub doesn't have coax in), got a decent Epson projector and have got a range if sources sorted:

New Sony 3D Blu Ray player
i-can freeview HD set top box (SD and HD freeview, I think this transmits surround if it receives it)
Western Digital media streamer


The sources are all connected by HDMI, am not separating digital audio out to the receiver - not even sure whether I should be doing this or not.

I've got no experience with the various soundfields the receiver offers - which should I use for everyday viewing?



It's personal I guess. Try what you like the most. I use DTS Neo6: Movie for stereo to multichannel output.


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its a very personal thing, just to say that on some receivers there is an option to automatically output a certain soundfield based on what signal it receives

for example, on my onkyo, for freesat use, i have told the receiver that if it receives a standard stereo signal from the channels, ie, bbc news - then output 'all channel stereo' soundfield

if it receives a 5.1 signal, ie, bbc one/hd (sometimes) then output a surround decode option rather than splitting it to all my speakers, do it discrete channels, in my case 'audyssey dsx' or 'tv logic' - so i get the 5.1

but best/safe bet, is if you dont have the ability in the receiver to auto adjust like this, then you would be safe using a soundfield, similarly named like surround decode, or straight decode or similar, so if you get a 2.0 signal, it will play it as 2.0, if you get 5.1 it will play it as 5.1 etc


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As above it is a personal thing, I use Dolby Prologic Movie for all viewing that is not 5.1.
What speakers do you have? when you say the sub does not have coax input is it passive (no onboard amp)? If it is passive are you using speakers from an all in one system? If so what impedance are the speakers?


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Yes, some sort of direct / straight decode would be great - plays directly to the channels it receives. The manual talks about:

The Auto Format Direct (A.F.D.) mode allows
you to listen to high fidelity sound and select
the decoding mode for listening to a 2 channel
stereo sound as multi channel sound

I guess I'll give it a go.

So I should only use DTS Neo6: Movie with 2 channel sources that I want to split to multichannel? Sort of a pseudo-surround?

Sorted out the sub issue, turns out I was being a spaz.

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