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Hello All

Been lurking for a bit, reading all the interesting articles (and opinions) on this and that.

I currently have an old Sony BDV-E880 5.1 surround system which is beginning to show its age. I think I realised its lack of quality when I hooked up my Quietcomfort2 headphones to my TV for a little while last night and the depth of sound coming through the headphones was light years away from the Sony system. Don't get me wrong the Sony has been a good system but compared to the Bose headphones is sounds really harsh and unsophisticated.

I would like to move to a soundbar/sub/wireless rears setup just to make things a little cleaner. I also don't want a bar that is more than 1M in length (due the size of my TV unit and where it is in the room), which I know restricts my choices a bit.

I have roughly £1,500 to £1,700 to spend and it would be hooked up to a Samsung 55" Q90T with an Xbox One (looking to get a Series X later this year or early next) and a Panasonic bluray / freeview recorder.

Given the specialist and non-specialist shops are mostly all shut and I have no way of test driving them can any of you offer your opinions on the following set-ups please.
  • Harmon Kardon Citation Multibeam 700 + Sub + Surrounds
  • Bose 700 Soundbar + Sub + Surrounds
  • Sonos Beam + Sub + One SLs
  • Denon Home 550 (I understand that the Sub and Home 150s can't be paired with it until a firmware update sometime in the spring)
  • Something else?
I'm a complete noob when it comes this this type of equipment and any advice you can offer on which soundbar or other options would very much be appreciated.


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