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    I've been thinking to buy one of this three soundbars but I really don't know which and I need help to decide...

    Yamaha YSP-1600
    Yamaha YAS-306
    Samsung HW-J7500

    Everyone has advantages and disadvantages

    YSP-1600 is closest to real surround sound, although I know it isn't and another woofer can be added. Price is about 500€ in my country.

    YAS-306 don't have HDMI which I dislike, but it is a little bit cheaper with price of around 450€.

    HW-J7500 is curved and it isn't happiest solution because I have Samsung 48JU7000 TV and also is biggest of all. It is made for 55"+ TV but I'll survive that it's little bit bigger... Advantage - easy wireless connection with my Samsung TV and price. It is 700€ in my country but I can buy it for about 400€.

    Thanks in advance.

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