Which Soundbar as the system hub?


Hello you lovely folks! I need your unbiased advice please!
As my name suggests, I am a 68 year old tech numpty (idiot) who is trying to set up the best sound setup in my living room.
My living room is 8m x 5m, with my TV above the fireplace in the corner. My wife will not allow me to have the classic sound surround because she doesn't want to be sitting inside Stonehenge!!! So I am limited to a soundbar + 1 sub. Main seating is 3-4m from the TV.
Last year I bought a Samsung Q60R 55in TV. I know, I know, I know................big mistake.
Because of this purchase my limit on resolution is HDR10+ and limit on sound (on the TV) is Dolby Digital Plus.
Also the TV doesn't have an eARC HDMI, only ARC.
So, after hours of mind-numbing research (which is quite tiring with my age and mental capabilities) I have brilliantly reached the conclusion that I need to use a Soundbar as the system hub, as opposed to the classic setup of using the TV.
In a perfect world, I would like to have Dolby Atmos (I understand that Dolby Vision is not possible with my TV).
So I need (I think) an active Soundbar which has Dolby Atmos, which has at least one HDMI input, an ARC HDMI output, and enough oooompfff to fill the room.
If the Soundbar has only one HDMI input, then I am thinking of purchasing a PlayStation 5, as this would double as a Blu Ray player, an AVR and be internet compliant.
Basically have the Soundbar as the hub, with everything plugged into it, and the TV as the slave.
Not perfect, I know, but if it is the best I can have, then I will live with it.
My price limit on the Soundbar is about 1000 (pounds, euros or dollars).
Any ideas which Soundbar would fulfill this setup???


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With your budget, you could look at something like the Klipsch Cinema 800 which will bring what you are asking

I have a couple of concerns though, one is if you are going to use the streaming services within the TV as you only have ARC as I don't think your TV will output all formats via the standard ARC connection. The other side is the room is quite large and although it will always sound much better than the TV, you may still find that you never fully achieve a true high quality sound without going down a separates solution

Klipsch are a very capable brand who make products that are usually ahead of their price point, so it should help deliver a bigger sound than its budget states to helping reduce one of my concerns


Hi AV!!
Thank you for your speedy response.
My idea is NOT to use the TV for anything else other than displaying a picture! Because of the TVs limitations, this is why I want to use the Soundbar as the hub and NOT the tv.
So all streaming would be via the Soundbar, then projected onto the TV.
The same with PS5, Blu Ray, AVR, Youtube and every other online source.
Yes, the room is large, but the main seating is within 4m, so I am hoping that there is a Soundbar out there that will at least reach as far as the seating!!
But I am now looking at the Klipsch Cinema 800 reviews and info. Definitely interesting and worth considering!!!
Thank you very much for your reply and advice :)

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