Which Sony Tv Should I Buy?


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Hi guys,

I'm looking to buy a new TV, because I get a lot of image burn from playing games on my Pana S30 Plasma.

I've always gone for Sony products and would like to return to them. I've had a little look online and I've noticed all there new TV's on their website are LED, I bought a Samsung LED TV in about September and I was really dissapointed with it, really high motion blur on games/watching footie and also the backlight was clearly visable on dark scenes in films which is why I switched to Plasma after using the Samsung for 1 week, do Sony still make the normal LCD ones?

Prefrably looking for atleast 42" and must have a record to HDD feature, other things like 3D, internet TV etc aren't important but will consider.

Main thing is though to be a quality picture with no visable back light and no motion blur.

Also must support 1080p and have freeview HD.

Any suggestions?


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I guess I am looking for the tv with the lowest motion blur and lowest visable backlight without paying a premium for 3d because I won't use it. I found playing call of duty on the samsung d5000 very annoying because when i moved about the picture would distort, however when i switched to the panasonic s30 it is great for playing call of duty but i have lots of image burn from playing fifa because the menu is the same on every screen unless you are actually in a game. It is also annoying having to turn the display off whenever yo leave the room. This is why i want to switch back to lcd, i never had any problems on my 32" bravia lcd but i just wanted to upgrade to 1080p and also a larger screen size but like i say iv'e had problems with both tvs :-(

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