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:confused: Hi, I am planning on buying a new Sony TV shortly and have narrowed my choice down to the KD32DX100 or KV32FX66, based on the What Video & TV reviews I have read. Any advice on which is the better choice? From the reviews, both seem to have excellent pictures, perhaps the KD32DX100 slightly better due to the DRC technology. What about the sound? The review of the FX66 seems to suggest that the Virtual Dolby flattens the sound and ruins dialogue. Is this also true of the DX100? I already have a freeview (ex-ITV Digital) box so the integrated digital aspect of the DX100 isn't that important (though I could usefully reuse the box for another TV). Is the picture and sound quality of the DX100 worth the extra £300 or so it will cost over and above the FX66? What about other features +/- ? Also, any suggestions on the cheapest places to buy?

Many thanks for your advice


I just got the 28FX66 and I must say its a very good tv. But I must say that I'd have preferred the Toshiba 32ZP26. Didn't get it because was worried about space, front room very small.
I'd say you should go for the toshiba, the reviews have all been excellent and the picture quality is amazing. Was displayed side by side with the 32FX66 in my local Currys and I must say it beat the sony hands down on picture quality and sound. The sony DX100 has a few niggles (search through this forum for more info) hence its being replaced with the NX100. My preference? The TOSHIBA 32ZD26. If I could turn the clock back, I'd forget my space worries and go for the tosh.


as you've already got the digital box, i don't believe you should fork out the extra amount for the intergrated digital tv, i would save your money if i were you. With the extra 300 quid you could buy yourself a complete Pioneer dcs-303 home cinema system that would sound much better than any integrated tv dolby system.

I've ordered an Fx66 and will link it up to a home cinema system, so the tv sound quality is not that important. If you're linking it a home cinema system then wouldn't worry about the sound qulity from the tv too much, and anyway it's a minor ciriticism of the tv, which won best buy in What Video and TV.

The toshiba is a great tv, but my personal opinion is that "grill" effect tv stand that comes with it is ghastly and will get grubby quickly, from looking at the display ones in the stores i've visited. So see it in the flesh as it's not to everyone's taste and is bulky as goa said.


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er Goa....

I think you'll find the NX100 came out before the DX100. The DX100 has the same technology as the NX bar the optical connector. Obviously the chassis differs in that the DX has the FQ's chassis and the NX has the lovely glass fronted chassis.

Regarding Picture quality, what you have to consider is that the DX was over 1500 quid when it launched and DRC blows away anything beneath it in the range. Now 100Hz digital plus is ok, but it doesn't increase the resolution any.

I had a DX whihc i replaced due to dodgy geometry. Looking back i could kick myself as i have now gone through 4 new sets and nothing has come close to the picture quality and general standard of the DX100.

If i were you i would go for it, its a bargain and the new X model, the NX200 will be selling at around 1800 for a 32 inch. I say go for it!


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The picture from Sony DVB-T tuners is better than the add on boxes.

Us IDTV owners have found this out!:)



nope, get this one (£1,400)

Makes the Toshiba wilt and the Sony Marketing peeps groan in terror


I use a Pana PH40 with a Pana digi box and the picture is easily as good as the Sony DX100, how do I know, cus I just got rid of my DX100 due to the crap digital decoder inside it that kept changing channals when it felt like it and would sometimes take 45 secs to change from one channal to another.
When I complained to Sony about this they said it was a known "issue" that would go away with next set.
I told them to go away and they gave me a refund.
Glad I did cus I have a prog scan TV which works fine and a box which is not temperamental at all :p



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I spent ages setting up my TV, geometry tweaks, setting brightness and contrast ect and I have not seen better using Sky or a DTTV box.

The earlier tuners (using 2.1 S/W) have been very reliable, also my TV is 50Hz and no processing.

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