Which Sony Camcorder - TRV50 or PC120

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    Hi I am due to travel to the States on the 11th of this month - great date I know!

    While I am over there I want to purchase a camcorder - but one that will also take decent stills - I am only really looking for normal photo size pictures so the fact that a Camcorder picture does not look as good at A4 does not matter to me.

    I have been looking and am trying to decide on two camcorders - the Sony TRV50 and the Sony PC120BT - I can get them for around much the same price but cannot decide which to get. I have a bluetooth phone already so I was wondering if you might be able to tell me the advantage of one over the other. Am I correct in thinking that the main difference is the shape/size and that you can browse on the PC120?

    Also I know the difference between PAL and NTSC - but I was wondering does this affect Digital camcorders as well and as such should I but in the UK?

    Finally for this price range is there any other camcorder you would recommend over these two?

    Anyone with any views greatly appreciated - both for and against the models I have chosen.


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