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Which Sony amp/speaker all in one set???


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i am about to add a surround sound system to my AV world. Upon
reading the excellent threads on the Sony ss1100 and htddw880/890 which are all similarly priced, i have decided on the SS1100 which look neat and has good comments. I plan to hook it up to a PS3, LG dr275 dvd recorder and a Humax9200 freeview recorder (displaying to a Tosh 32wl56 LCD). Before confirming my order i would like to pick you collective brains on some points;

1/ has anyone directly compared a htddw series setup to the SS1100 and can advise whether i am making the best sounding decision for my living room (12ft x 16ft).

2/ will it sound good with Blurays from my PS3?? I am not looking for mind boggling sound at this price just an effective surround experience.

3/ Is it fairly future proof (i don't want it to be useless in 3 years time!!!)??

Or maybe i am going completely wrong and should look at something else!!??


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880/890 is a far more AV unit then the SS1100 which really is just like a dvd unit.

Look at all the inputs and modes each supports 880/890 has far more also is 6.1 system.



Blu ray will sound fine you just use optical and then select one of the sound sources on the disc.

If it was me I would choose the 890 from Pixmania yes I am biased because I own one but it has so many inputs and the sound is great for movies and games. The auto calibration comes in handy as well.


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is having all the different types of Dolby & DTS decoders important, or is the
Dolby Digital/DTS & prologic decoding on the SS1100 enough for most DVDs/Bluerays?

Does your Hddts 890 get very hot as i plan to put mine into a cabinet?

I am tempted by the 890 but a read on a thread that someone thought that the speaker quality of that system was very light and felt cheap and that the sub was poor.


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Some of the modes don't matter to some but to me they come in handy for example not all sky channels support 5.1 so it will only output as 2.1 well if mode PL II is turned on you can get it to output 5.1 and I have PC connected to it so when I listen to music that is also 2.1 I use Neo6 which outputs 6.1.

Just having the modes to mess with comes in handy some sound better for different things but for just dvd/blu ray Dolby Digital and DTS are fine which saying that a lot of new DTS tracks support 6.1 now

890 does let of fair bit of heat but mostly all equipment like that does all you have to make sure is there is ventalation around and above it not loads but few inches should do.

When you hold the speakers/sub it feels like plastic and are light which to some seems cheap but they are far from poor and the output of them is very good, it's not always about look or feel it's what it does that matters to me the ss1100 looks and feels far cheaper.


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ok i picked up the sony Hddw 780 surround system today. And i got it up and running very easily. The auto calibraton is makes it very easy to get the speakers working properly. Surround sound on RFOM on the PS3 sounds amazing with sounds that i never even heard before. :smashin:

I have a small problem in that the wires to the rear speakers are a little short and i will need to extend them so that i can hide them behind my skirting boards. Is it ok to cut the cables and join to another using electrical connecters or is there a better way to do this without comprimising sound quality????


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either use electrical conductors,or solder the 2 ends of the wire together,and then some electrical tape,and finally a strip of duck tape(i only say this,as electrical tape just doesnt ever want to stick when i use it!!),and youll be good to go.

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