Which Sonos set up for my room?


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I'd appreciate some advice from those who know these products well. I have a TV/film room that currently has a 55" LG B6 OLED tv (no eArc), with seating position 3m away. I previously had an old 5.0 system with an Denon amp and Q accoustics speakers, but that all had to be removed when a baby/toddler arrived as the room also doubles up as a play room. In truth, I was never that wowed by it anyway, and perhaps that was lack of a sub.

I have a Beam gen 1 in our other living room for general tv which I find pretty decent, but lacks real excitement when watching films/netflix/ps4 etc. So thinking about the tv room, I don't think a Beam gen 2 alone would be sufficient even if it is an improvement on the gen 1.

So I am debating whether an Arc would be a better option, or would a Beam gen 2 with a sub and/or rear SL be better given the room size. Would an Arc be too much given the 3m watching distance?

I think a beam gen 2 and the sub is winning at the moment, but if an Arc with (or without) a Sub would produce a noticably more immersive experiance then I could be persuaded. I could always add rears later on. I understand the Arc produces more bass as it is so maybe a sub is less important if I went for that. Currently, I will not be able to benefit from Atmos as my TV does not support it.

I'm looking at Sonos due to familiarity with the system and the fact that I can get 30% off a soundbar (or bundle) as I have an old connect to upgrade which is a decent saving. If there is a noticeably better and cheaper non-Sonos option I'd be happy to hear about it as well.

Any advice woud be welcome.

Picture of the room attached below:-

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I'd recommend a Beam 2 and Sub. That's what I have. I did a lot of research and all reviewers prefer the sound of that combination to an Arc on its own and even sometimes to an Arc with a sub.


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Thanks that is good to know, think i'm leaning in favour of the beam 2 and sub. Do you intend to add surrounds later on or happy with it as it is?


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Well I made the "mistake" of listening to them both in John lewis, with and without the sub. While the Beam 2 and Arc were not that different in general sound, the wider sound stage of the Arc was very noticeable with some effects, and therefore I'm drawn towards that. However, that was a demo disc and clearly Dolby Atmos, so not sure if my non-eArc tv would be able to benefit from that or not. I also worry that it could be overbearing if I sit just 3m away from it.

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