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Which song are you most looking forward to?

Tufty McTavish

Well-known Member
Boston and Metallica off the top of my head. I love the tracks in GH3 by those bands.

I think I'm going to swoop on all the DLC tracks that I already know I like a lot (the above, Judas Priest, for example), then I'll start checking out the samples in the in-game Rock Band Store to decide on the next set. Some songs are more fun to play than I would have anticipated so I may end up buying stuff I wouldn't have thought I would if you'd just asked me about band X or Y.


Active Member
Far too many, I'd probably list 80% of them!!

I was listening to Joker and the Thief on my ipod yesterday, and imagined how amazing that song would be playing on drums, with the Mrs playing the guitar part next to me!! I learned the real guitar for it last night and got even more excited! I think the best songs are the ones you can see yourself enjoying, playing as a group, not just solo! High energy songs, where the guy next to you is rocking out as heavily as you are, enjoying it just as much!! Thats why J&tT is a great track for me!!

Plus the Metallica ones! Whereas I will buy the Oasis/Radiohead packs, they just wouldnt interest me enough to list them as my most anticipated songs. As great a song as wonderwall is, there just wont be that high energy excitment playing it with your mates! Seems like a fairly decent solo song though!

SID 6581

Well-known Member
Earlier in the year I had an NTSC 360 and Rock Band. My favorite song (only had guitar) was Highway Star by Deep Purple.

Looking forward to loads of others on the drums though, and getting some DLC :thumbsup:


Active Member
I'm looking forward to Enter Sandman - Metallica and In Bloom - Nirvana

Dr Evilest

Active Member
Run to the hills looks a bit :eek: on expert.
Bit of a Rush fan here, so Tom Sawyer, then Limelight on the DLC, pity they're not originals though. Actually, maybe they'll be an improvement on Geddy Lee's vocals.:rolleyes:

Sweet's Blockbuster, Faith No More's Epic.....the list goes on.:thumbsup:


Distinguished Member
Mainly all 4 oasis tracks, then...

"Are You Gonna Be My Girl" Jet
"Creep" Radiohead
"Enter Sandman" Metallica
"Epic" Faith No More
"The Hand That FeedsThe Hand That Feeds" Nine Inch Nails
"In Bloom" Nirvana
"Main Offender" HivesThe Hives
"Reptilia" StrokesThe Strokes
"Should I Stay or Should I Go" ClashThe Clash
"Wanted Dead or Alive" Bon Jovi
"Won't Get Fooled Again" WhoThe Who


Active Member
If it has to be one song it's gotta be Wanted Dead Or Alive - but in all honesty I cannot frickin' wait to play every single song! This time next week i'll be beating those drums! lol
After owing the ps3 version then selling the other week and pre ordering the 360 version,
Some of the best songs

wanted dead or alive
epic (faith no more)
And justice for all (metallica) freaking awesome
buddy holly (weezer)
joker and the theif (wolf mother)
creep (radio head)

tbh the game is so good u cant but help having a smile on your face when playing a song that u like :)


Active Member
To be honest i am not so much impressed with the track listing on Rock Band, yea you read that right lol, i mean they have no Hendrix? or Guns:mad:

Actually i am looking forward to Enter Sandman, that will rock as i can play a bit of that on guitar.:thumbsup:

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