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Hey everyone,

Getting my wife a smartwatch for her birthday. Just wanted to know which one??? She uses an oppo. She is a runner, so wants one to run with, be able to listen to Spotify whilst running, but doesn't want to have to take her phone. Wants to be to be able to connect it to wireless earphones. GPS tracker etc. Just wondering the best one to get cos I have no idea. I have done some Googling and can't decide. The Samsung smartwatch 3 looks good, or the active 2 but not sure of what else is out there. Any advice would be appreciated.



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Just setting up a Garmin vivoactive 4 - should be able to download some music and go sans phone, GPS and trackign works fine (and uploads as soon as I'm done), but it's more limited than my wifes Samsung watch for smartwatch capability. On the other hand, I reckon I'll get 5 days off a full charge witht he amount of GPS use I do, whereas she has to charge it pretty much every day and a half


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If she can live without online connection for Spotify and use locally stored music then another vote for Garmin.

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