Which Smartphone?


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Could somebody recommend me smartphone, the only ones I definetley do not want are the nokia 9300/9500.

Would it better to go the xda route?



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Ever thought of the Imate Jam (XDA mini, MDAIII etc)?

I got fed up carying around an iPaq, mobile and MP3 player.
I've had my Jam since they came out. Now available on contract cheaply sometimes free of charge. I would certainly not go back to a normal phone after using this. It's a nice small package with full PDA features. MP3 playback is also superb if you budget for a 512Mb / 1Gb SD card beats an ipod for functionality in my opinion.


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Agreed on an i-Mate Jam.... available as an SPV500 from Orange and XDA Mini from O2 and an MDA Compact on T-Mobile... so go choose!


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Thanks for the info - no wonder the P910i is available free on contract at the mo


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Got to say my p910i is fantastic! Got loads of software flying around including sat nav, a normal phone keypad and a small but useable querty keyboard!

Daddy k

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i agree go the xda route.
software is so redily available and supported.
good bit of tweaking etc. sat nav runs great on em. great games, business apps etc.
i went from 9500 to spv m2000/xda2/etc (the one with slide out keyboard) and i love it. especially as i use free gprs on o2 pay and go sim and the internet browsing is great! really fast loads etc, and it prob is my main use. and no other web browser has been as quick as much as i hate to say it the microsoft one.

just get a 1gb card or more (if model supports it) and ul be well away.
to give you an idea of what i have built into one device
1. phone!
2.mp3 player
3.video player (can get 4 compressed but great quality full length movies on to my card no probs)
4. sat nav
5. diary/callender
6. web device using wifi or gprs
7. self defence weapon (its heavy) ;)
8.note pad
9.a backup of all my important work files incase of any severe crash at work
10. a games machine
11. a remote control should i loose my tv one.
im sure theres more and even more thats relevant to the indevidual owner.

i wnt be getting rid of mine well untill the new xda exec/spv m5000but thats only for desighn reasons, ie i like the keyboard layout and the ability to pivot screen to protect itself etc, and rest assured ill pop me mem card in and off i go so keep an eye out for mine in the clasifieds in few months lol, albeit with a dent in the bottom right corner where i dropped it off 1st floor balcony and it lived! with just a tiny battle scar and i mean a tiny one. wot a proper hard ba***rd


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Check out this PPC Phone edition (Qtek 9100 or I-MATE K JAM) , it is fairly small (10.9cm high), and has a landscape backlit slide out keyboard:-


I have google'd and it is available in the UK (Oct 14th release date):-



It is cheaper and smaller than tablet style I-MATE JASJAR, but has lower res screen and miniSD. The simple mechanism MAY give less problems than the tablet style device, includes WiFi. O2 or Vodaphone options.

The merits of this I-MATE K JAM verses the I-MATE JASJAR are discussed here:-



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<sigh> my Psion Revo has finally died, it's put in a good tour of duty, and its been horriffic trying to sort a replacement PDA-phone. If you can complain to some government department about mortgages being confusing and banks obscuring the total cost, then i might report mobile companies, as working out the total cost is just nasty.

But i finally picked the I-mate JAM / MDA Compact as a replacement; i'd ideally like a thumb-keyboard but couldnt really justify the extra hundred squids. It's on its way, so i'm just hoping i made the right choice of decent PDA vs low proper phone requirements.

I miss my Revo already. Long live the JAM...

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