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Which Sky HD Box?


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Hi there,

Am new to this site and have just ordered Sky HD to be fitted on Saturday, (An amazing deal i have to say, any better and they would have been paying me!!!!) Does anyone know what sky HD box they are using at the mo? And what I'm likely to receive?



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It seems they are all ok to be honest but i can only speak for 2 out of personal experience. i have an Amstrad and it was the one i sure as hell didn't want but its been nothing other than quiet and reliable, my brother has a Samsung and the same goes for that. My Amstrad seems a tad quieter and his Samsung feels a little quicker on the EPG but for me neither has much over the other.


Seems to be luck of the draw as to what the installer has on his van, but it will be either Amstrad or Samsung.

One thing to be aware with on the Amstrad is that they suffer from a fault at the moment where the contrast setting is stuck on high.

This is due to be fixed when the new EPG is downloaded, but in the meantime you have to put up with it. Some people aren't bothered and feel they still get a good quality picture.

Me ? I'd go for the Sammy everytime :smashin:


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I've used the Thomson, Pace, and Samsung boxes.

Thomson > Slow as anything to use, such a massive delay when selecting planner etc, but in 12 months of ownership, it only had to be fully turned off and back on again about 3 times.

Pace > Fast EPG to use, the weird purple screen thing when using HDMI, although I have fixed this on mine by setting something on the TV, smartHDMI or something to OFF.
Picture quality very good. Fairly quiet.

Samsung > Fast EPG, I think the best SD picture of the lot, HD on par with the pace box.
Does have a little bit of a whine noise when turned off in standby occasionally!

Not tried the Amstrad box, but if it's anything like the SKY+ boxes, i'd steer clear, but im sure they must have improved since then.


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Not tried the Amstrad box, but if it's anything like the SKY+ boxes, i'd steer clear, but im sure they must have improved since then.

They sure have, my amstrad is fantastic for pq and reliability, i have used 20% of the hdd and i've only had it two days, no failed recordings. Silent as a mouse apart from a very very quiet whirr from fan/hdd. Unforunately my boxes contrast is fixed but it seems to be fixed to medium not high so the image is unaffected.


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If it's just a stuck contrast issue, then thats fine to be honest, as im sure that can be fixed (plus you can just use your tv contrast anyway).

In which case, sounds like the Amstrad is a good box :)

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