Which should i upgrade first

tony kop77

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I currently have a 1.4 thunderbird with an Epox 8K7A Skt A DDR motherboard i have just learned my motherboard can go up to a athlon XP2200.
I have a Kyro II 64mb graphics card shall i upgrade to a radeon 9700 128mb graphics card or shall i upgrade to athlon xp2200 or buy dvd re-writer which do you recomend first.

Thank you for your help

PS i heard programs such as kazzalite can mess your computer up is this true?


kazaa anything is a virus waiting to happen... lots of "mischevious" people like to rename virus as mp3 etc.

As for the graphics card, depends, but I would go with the graphics card first, then the proc.



Go with a decent graphics card first. :)

Been running Kazaa for over a year now and never had a single problem. :D


The Graphic card will probably give you the biggest increase in speed on graphics over a upgrade in the processor. And the pros will likely come down a fair bit after Christmas. Thing is does the card and processor run every thing adequately or are you upgrading for upgrading sake?
I hope you do not want a DVD writer to do any pirating.


I'd def go for the graphics...... unless you are a mad nut the processor should be ok! :D


ps. i hate kazaa.....

tony kop77

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No i dont copy films because i have a home cinema set up, it is not the knees bees but it is ok. I have a sony 900 a yamaha amp 396RDS 28 inch widescreen tv and NS-P210 speakers it is ok for a bedroom.

I would not spend £1300 on a system so i can watch half decent copies with dolby surround at best, i just wanted dvd because my brother has cam recorder and my parents are pensioners dont see him or the grandchildren much, thought it would be good to put everything on dvd so you get decent picture quality and you can fit more on a dvd than video.

I am not sure wheather to buy a Athlon xp 2200 with a sound audioilgy sound card which has 5.1. I want the radeon 9700 graphics card it costs £270 at the min.

My games do run fine at the min but i want to keep my pc up todat dont wwant to get behind because it will be more expensive to upgrade in the long run then.

Thank you for your help it seems most people advise new graphics card will i notice a big diffrence going to a athlon xp2200 from a 1.4 thunderbird

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