which setup

hi all

i am looking to get a cd player but was unsure of which route to go

currently i have a denon 2105 av receiver, mission v62 floorstanding speakers (used for HC with 2105) a pair of v60's not being used.
i have a budget of 300-400

the first option i have is to buy a cdp and amp, something like the nad 320bee etc and use the v60's

the second is to do the same as the first but use a speaker switcher box and sell the v60's and use the 62's

the thrid is to use the ext inputs on the receiver for just a cdp and sell the v60's and put the extra towards the cdp

my living room isnt that big but i dont have to bother about keeping a other half happy at the moment, and using a totally different setup it might look at bit cluttered with all the speakers but which set-up will give the best SQ

thanks for any help

cheers lee


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Get a CDP and stereo amp.
Connect the left and right speakers and CDP to the new amp. Connect the L&R line outs on the Denon to a pair of unused line-ins on the stereo amp.

This way, you'll get the best sound from CD, and better sound from AV. No extra speakers, either.
but with that when changing the volume will you have to do the stereo for the l+r and the receiver for the rest of the speakers?

cheers lee


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When listening to the CDP, you use the stereo amp as normal.
When listening to AV, you set the stereo amp to a "reference" level (12 o'clock on the knob is easiest), the control the volume from the AV amp. The AV amp pre-outs are all controlled by the main AV amp volume control.

It's dead simple to do - I ran this way for years. You soon get into the habit of leaving the stereo amp at the correct volume when you've finished listening to music.

Adding a decent stereo amp makes a big difference. The power amps in most AV amps are not particularly good, IMHO. Even a £200 stereo amp should give a noticeable improvement. I use a couple of older British power amps, worth about £200 - £300 each on ebay. They are rated a lot lower than the Denon (40 and 50 watts, as opposed to 100), but they go much louder, better. You could get something like a secondhand Naim Nait integrated for that kind of money.

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