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I know that there are a lot of you guys who are sick of hearing the same old story but if you could help out one more person then I would appreciate it!

I am looking to get a 37" set either LCD or a plasma although I'm not sure which is best for my needs.

I watch football on sky most of the time, and also have a PS2, although PS3 will be purchased when released. I am looking to spend £1000-£1500 on the set that matches my needs best. I had been set on a LCD but reading here it sounds as though plasma may be better. but any recommendations for which route to go down and which set to purchase?



If you're going to use the screen for gaming go for LCD. Plasma's do have deeper black levels so they can offer superior picture quality for films-but you can get screenburn especially if you play for a few hours at a time.

You could always have two, Plasma (or 6 chip DLP projector) for movies, LCD for gaming/channels with logos/dogs.:D


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Bought one recently from BeyondTelevision.com for £1280... was watching the Arsenal match last night on Sky Sports and the quality was superb! DVD playback through a component connection is exceptional also... Don't know about gaming, not really into that myself - but it is 'HD Ready' with one HDMI input.

Really is a great TV, definately one to add to your short-list...

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