Which set Panny TX-32ldx70 or Mirai632 32"


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This might seem like a one horse race but --

Ideally I want a 37" LCD with full HD and no motion blur (Don't we all!!!) to use for PS3, SD telly inc Footie. Having looked at all the 37" sets I have decided not to get one because of the motion blur.

So I have 2 options.

1 - Buy a Panasonic TX-32LDX70 £600 and keep for 5+ years


2 - Buy a Mirai 632 32" £300. Use it for about a year and replace when a suitable 37" is available. The Mirai can then be used in the bedroom.

Please help me decide - What should I do?


The LXD70 is one of the best 32" lcd's.So....


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Which one of the two, well that depends. Can you put up with a crud image, ghosting and trailing, uneven backlight and awful sound? Go for the Mirai. If not, the Panny is the one.

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