Which Selection - 500-550 Euro 'Low-Budget' Class?

I have 550 euros to buy a 'low-budget' tv, these are my options please let me know what is best:
This is the range I have available. I will mainly just use the tv for watching Netflix on the app or streaming from my laptop, I also watch a lot of sports such as F1. I may use the tv for some light gaming occasionally. I will be viewing from small angles so wide-angle consideration is not that important for me.

I know very little about TVs, please help me pick the best one available! The website I'm purchasing from recommend the Samsung TV but they all seem pretty decent.
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Do you watch the TV head on or at an angle?


Philips may have the edge with motion since they include their P5 processor on lower tier models. Both Philips TVs the same series (7) so not sure why you'd pay more for the 50" compared to the 58".

You can view differences here: Philips 2020: Übersicht / Line Up / Range aller 2020er Philips TVs - Toengels Philips Blog
Forgive my lack of knowledge but with a better processor i.e. more cores/ higher clock speeds etc, how would this result in improved picture quality? all I can think of is the TV would be able to upscale better to near 4k resolution perhaps?

I took a look at the chart listed the 7805 has an IPS panel but the 755 is not, would this be a disadvantage?

Btw thanks for the response, i'm utterly clueless with TVs this will be my first purchase
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The chart does have some mistakes. If the the TV is 50 or 58" it definitely will use a VA panel.

Regarding the processor, the Philips TVs have a dedicated chip used for upscaling and motion processing whereas typically in this price range TVs use integrated chips for this purpose that they also share with smart TV.

Philips motion on TVs is very good, one of their positives. The motion won't be perfect in this price range because TVs only use 60hz panels, but it will be better than the other TVs you have listed. Since you watch F1, I thought it was worth mentioning.
Okay, well I think I'm sold on the Philips for sure, I just can't decide whether the Ambilight is worth paying extra and losing 8", the only other difference I see is that model has 10bit colour whereas the other tv is only 8bit


Viewing distance can play a part, most people don't view close enough to a TV to benefit from 4k. On the other hand if you are still watching a lot of SD or HD material a smaller TV isn't a bad idea.
10bit panels just mean the transition between one colour and another can be smoother. It doesn't mean one TV has better colour than the other.
ah I thought it would mean the colour would seem richer and more refined, my viewing distance will be around 2.5-3.5m I reckon. Out of this selection, I assume you'd tend towards the 58" screen right?
Right well I think I've made my mind then thank you very much :)

Are there any final considerations I should take into account from your experience?


Yes. If you can find a 2019 7 series instead (number 4 at the end instead of number 5) they run Android which is more feature-full OS than the Saphi on the 2020 7 series.

In 2020 you need the 8 series for Android.

On the other hand, Android can be more buggy, so its a case of having more features, but maybe more unreliability.

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