Which second hand receiver with 2 HDMI outs?


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A friend of mine is looking for a receiver with at least two HDMI outputs.

Doesn't need to have all of the newest decoders, but does need to be able to play back blu-ray OK.

7.1 would be fine (or even 5.1)
Must have multi zone for speakers too.

Any suggestions as to which ones to look out for? An older unit second hand would be ideal budget is £3-400.

I have got a yamaha RX-V1067 that is the kind of thing he is after...



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I bought my Denon x2100 which is last years model for £250.

7.1 (or 5.1 and zone 2 audio) and 2 HDMI out.
Not second zone though but I'd say that's worth a look if it's not needed. Other one I looked at was the Sony 1050? I think. 3 HDMI out , one of which was a second zone. Was £50 more than the Denon and a few reported issues on here put me off.


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Take a look at 2014 end line models what have big discounts. Yamaha, Denon.


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Does he need one that is 3D-capable?

I have a Yamaha RX-V2065 which has very good multi zone and 2 HDMI outputs, and I am planning on upgrading very soon (only because of Dolby Atmos etc).


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I think that I am going to see if I can fix the HDMI baord on his current onkyo first and then maybe get a splitter as a cheaper option.

Any other suggestions still welcome in the meantime!

I guess he doesn't need 3D at the moment but it would be good to have the capability
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