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Mar 29, 2002
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My 6' Brentford screen is now too small.

Was thinking of draper Luma either 92" or 106" diagonal.

So far I have seen one at AV_SALES.CO.UK for £270 - £300

Anyone here use one of these and what do you think? Can I get it cheaper any where else?

Thanks yet again
Try Gordon, http://www.convergent-av.co.uk/ , he was very! competitive when I wanted an elctric screen a couple of months back, email him and tell min what you want and I am sure he will sort you out.:)
I have just bought a 83" diagonal Draper Luma from Gordon and received excellent service. I can`t comment on the screen itself yet, because I`m still decorating :(

Thanks guys

Ended up getting the Draper Luma from Sevenoaks.

Great price as well :)

But when you think about it why not. They sell PJs and they undertake installation work so they must have a supplier for screens.

The do Draper, DaLite, Owl and Stuart Warner (I think thats what they are called - anyway the bloody expensive ones :) )
I wonder how much those 'bloody expensive' Stewart Firehawk screens cost and would they be worthwhile with this projector ?

an 84" wide 16:9 screen is approx £1250, or £1600 with velux black borders...

Bargain. :)

Best in the world of course, and customer service that is second to none.
an 84" wide 16:9 screen is approx £1250, or £1600 with velux black borders...

Or any thing between 2.5K to 3.5K for an electric and more still if it has masking!
petrolhead, how much was the screen from sevenoaks?
The price I paid was a bargain because the guy made a mistake but said he would honour it.

Their price now would be approx £300 inc VAT which is about the same as I have been quioted by Gordon and others so not bad concidering they are high street.
My thoughts exactly!

Considering my home made blackout cloth screen cost me £28, I can't see me wanting to spend more than £300 for a 'proper' one, considering the pj I have cost me £2500.

I'm quite happy with what I'm using, but I'd really need to see a huge improvement before I'd buy a screen (or screen material).

hi just got a screen 6' masked for 16.9 but it has some ripples in it, got it changed for another material but still got ripples in and there going to look at it again , has anybody suffered this problem
would appreciate some advice on this one as the projector is coming soon.... thanks....dis
It can take a while for the ripples to fade - is it a fixed screen or roll up?
hi gary it's electric roll up, got projector coming soon and wondered if this would effect the focus any idea's cheers......dis

What make is it?

Have you tried leaving it down for a while to see if the ripples fade? I have heard that putting a little extra weight on the bottom of the screen can help pull out the rinkles.

I've read posts over at avs about this, but didn't pay much attention, so maybe a visit to both the avforums and avs search engine is worth a try?


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