Which Sat DigiBoxes offer this?


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Hello everyone,

I'm thinking about giving up on ever getting glitch-free Freeview reception and maybe having Sky installed instead. Before I do this, can anyone tell me if there is a satellite digibox which offers:

1. Digital out for sound (preferably co-axial)
2. Component video output




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Sky+ for digi sound, optical only tho

I think your out of luck with component outs.


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Sony 750u or 760u also do optical out but are not Sky+. An RGB->Component transcoder will give you your video signal (albeit with possible delay).



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I am a fan of my Sky+ & recommend it for all of its features - the recording/playback facilities are truely beyond VCR for ease of use & convience.......... But as to your posting, you may never have 'glitch free' freeview, but I'm not sure I would describe + as glitch free & you probably will be paying £30 pm for it. As I said, I heartily recommend + but the term 'glitch free' (minor though some of the gripes are) it is not.

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