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Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by mado21, Jan 16, 2003.

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    Jan 16, 2003
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    I am looking to buy a new RP tv I am Looking at the samsung sp42wahpx model or the thomson 44jw611s
    anyone got these sets any help please,I dont know much about RP TVS .
    thanks mado21:confused:
  2. andyw


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    Hi, I have just purchased a Thomson 46JH68E(US) on Qeds website for 825 quid all in, and i must say that i am very impressed for the amount of money that it cost me. Normal ariel viewing in my opinion on a RP TV is rubbish unless fed from RGB (Sky or freeview), whereas DVD's look excellant (although still not as good as on my philips 6305 28".

    The only problem I seem to have on the Thomson is the not very good NTSC display, I have to downconvert to PAL for a acceptable picture, although I accept the fact that it is only a minor quibble seeing as 98% of my DVD's are PAL.

    Another point is think about the amount of light that dissipates through your room. Are you going to be regulary watching terrestrial? Or mainly cable and DVD?

    How much time will you be watching the TV for each day, as this can play a part in the life of the crts, and at about 500 quid a set, can get expensive if you overuse your RP, either through excessive viewing OR having the contrast settings way up too high.

    Apart from that I would definately say go for one if that is what you want.

    Plus, they are lighter than a 32" widescreen TV (Bonus) and many of them have built in castors.

    I have the 4:3 model which produces the euivalent of 36" widescreen which in my opinion is excellant considering how much i paid for the set.

    Go for it i'd say

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    I've had the Scenium since June and it's great.
    The picture is beautiful once you get it home and connected to a good source rather than the ropey in store setups.

    The menu system is second to none though the convergence adjust only allows you do alter the centre. (no complaints from me though as I've never noticed any colour fringes)

    The picture is incredibly rich and detailed with a warm hue which can be altered if you don't like it.

    One of the major reasons I bought this set was for its lack of digital artifacts. Compared to other screens in Comet, the Sky transmissions they were showing looked far less MPEG'y on the Scenium than the rest.

    The case is absolutely gorgeous - very sleek and dare I say sexy.
    It's on wheels so isn't such a big immovable lump as it looks in store.

    The sound is very good and most often, except for movies I use the TV sound in preference to my 5.1 setup.

    Size!!!! For the price, or less than a 42" Tosh, you get 44" and it's damn impressive. We sat in the garden last year and watched the cricket happily through the patio, through the kitchen and across the lounge! Great....

    The negatives?

    The screen is glossy and will reflect quite badly.
    I got round this by fitting silver venetian blinds to my lounge window which stay permanently closed. On bright days I have to close the bedroom doors upstairs (stairs go up the side of the lounge) but generally I hardly notice. Best viewed in darkness or soft uplighting.

    The only other drawback is one which would not be an issue if not for these forums.
    Someone pointed out that bright objects in dark scenes have a light streak stretching from them across to the right hand side of the screen.
    This is true, but if I had not read it here then I would not have noticed it as noone else who's visited has spotted them.
    I can't say I've noticed them for some time either so perhaps I'm used to them or maybe the TV has settled?

    I got mine from Comet Rotherham and the service was excellent. Only problem was they had to unbox it in the back of the van so my entire street if they cared) could have seen my new TV being wheeled into my house.

    Hope it helps.
    If you need to know anything else, please ask and I'll answer specifics.



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