Which router to use as Access Point?


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Hello all,

In conjunction with a house renovation I've decided to upgrade the wired/wireless home network. Unfortunately I'm not too tech-savvy so I've gleaned most of my information from friends/online/forums!

We currently have a Netgear DG834GT router (came with Sky package), connected via ethernet, PC running windows XP Pro. I know this router uses the B and G wireless protocols. I want to upgrade the router to a wireless N (or dual band N if this is better?), due to slow tv streaming and online gaming when a few gadgets are connected wirelessly. However, I believe that any hardware we have that currently uses the B/G protocol will 'slow down' the N router anyway.

So which router do I set up as the access point? Will all our exisitng wireless hardware automatically connect to its correct protocol without affecting speeds? Or is there a better way to keep a decent, fast connection (esp streaming sky tv through Xbox)?

To give you an idea, hard-wired there will be - main house PC, 2nd PC, internet tv, ps3, sonos, AV receiver, sky hd box.

All requiring wireless connection (on a mix of B,G and N) - 3 x mobile phones, ipod touch, 2 x laptops, ipad, printer, Xbox, Wii. And whatever other gadgets the kids get in future!

Thanks, in anticipation!


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This question gets asked at least once a week and so before keying it all again, may I suggest that you do a search on using two routers in this fashion and come back with any questions that you may have.

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