Which room should I use for front projection?


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Jul 27, 2002
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I am hankering after a front projection setup but I have a dilemma...

At the mo' I have a lounge that has my plasma installed but will be re-decorated in the next 12 - 18 months. I plan on doing loads of alterations in there as it has yet to be made how I want it ( we have only been here 2 years so far and time has been tight ) The lounge is pretty big around 6.5metres X 3.6m.

There is also another room I could use which is currently used a playroom for my son but I could use it in the future as a dedicated HC room...the only issue is that it is considerably smaller i.e 2.5m x 4m.

The lounge is slightly L shaped and the screen would be sited across the narrow end with seating at the opppsite end of the room as it is currently ( facing the plasma ).

The only issue with the lounge is so I really want a projector hanging from the ceiling? Would I be better going for the smaller rectangular room and fill one end with a screen and not have to worry about what equippment goes in there??

Is 2.5 X 4m too small for a dedicated room.

Anyone out there with dedicated rooms of this size

opinions folks. Ta
hi lenny I have my projector mounted on the back wall on a bracket, the 42" plasma sits in the bay window space and I am waiting for my electric screen to arrive now (one of those in ozz1993 thread) that will be mounted on the ceiling just in front of the window which is just over 3mtrs from my seating position which gives me 80"+ projected image.

Hope that helps
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