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I have just purchased a Panny PW6 plasma. I am connecting to a Panny Sky Digi box. Should I use the JS Technology RGB to VGA convertor or the Keene Electronics RGB to Component convertor?? Any help much appreciated

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Joe Fernand

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I'm biased - I use/supply the JS Technology converters; that answers part of your question :)

JS Technology offer RGB2VGA, RGB2YUV and RGB2S-Video so no reason to go elsewhere.

RGB2VGA is marginally better than RGB2YUV - though some find the ability to switch multiple YUV inputs on a decent quality AV Receiver or Video switch good reason to go RGB2YUV.

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I'd go with that, similar set up to davrob (Panny 6/Panny stb) and I use the RGB/VGA - colours jump out at you compared to scart connection. I also tried the Keene Syncblaster and QED Qsync, but neither were as good as the JS box.


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I'm biased as well, but then again I do know how much technology is in the RGB to Plasma VGA unit - something that nobody has been able to replicate. And that's why when people do comparisons, my design comes out on top.

With the RGB to Plasma VGA unit you have:
1. Broadcast quality components.
2. Microcontroller (small computer) enhancement.
3. Ability to choose which cables you wish.
4. Built in power supply.
5. All the recommendations above (thanks Joe, MAW and Nobbydog).

But most importantly, it allows you to get a sharp and detailed picture on your screen from Sky!

All the best,

Dr John Sim.


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Another :smashin: for the JS Tech RGB2VGA.

I use mine for NTL and the picture is very impressive, slightly better even than the already great RGB2YUV.



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Probably will be buying the newer version of the VGA unit soon, to connect to a Pio 433MXE. To preserve the VGA input 1 for other uses I may hook it up to input 2 with a VGA to 5 BNC cable. Any views on the relative performance of these two inputs from one of your units?


Hi guys

I am trying to hook up a thomson freeview box to hitachi pma400e.

what would give best pic quality using js tech products

rgb to plasma vga or rgb to component via av receiver?

The rgb to component route would be the most convenient for me, but is there a vast difference in PQ between the two routes?



RGB to s-video is respectable and cheap. RGb to DVI is brilliant but no way is it cheap. It will involve a scaler or a PC. The new iscan HD will do this, it's pretty nearly £1000, or you could look in classified section, get an iscan ultra from someone who's upgrading, and a JS RGB to YUV converter, total cost maybe £400. That is the setup I run at home with a sanyo Z2. We'll overlook the wrong forum bit.

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