Which remote?


Hi, I'm after a one-for-all type remote.

As far as I can see, my 3 option levels are:
  • £25ish level (eg Philex)
  • £70ish level(eg Kameleon)
  • £150ish level (eg Pronto)
I've looked though the specs of all these remotes, and it seems to me that the Philex will do just about everything I need.

Is there a good reason why I should spend the extra? £150 seems an insane amount to spend for an LCD touch screen, which I'm not sure is all that useful anyway - how do you use it without taking your eyes off the screen?

On the other hand, £24 seems too good to be true...

Is it worth spending any more?


Gary D

Distinguished Member
the difference between the remotes will be convineance. as former proto owner (i dropped mine and cracked the screen!!! boo hoo!) i would say that its one of the best remotes that money can buy. you can customise it to your hearts content and make it control things the way you want it too. it must be said though that making a pronto work as you want it to can be a bit of a labour of love. I had mine for about a year and the displays on the remote was constantly evolving as i changed the display over and over again tweaking it to make it easier for the family to use our HC.

i now have a Kameleon and a have to say that i'm very very happy with it. it was good value for money and works a treat.

if you have the time and the cash buy the pronto you wont regret it. however, if you you dont have either then take a look at the Kameleon.

Hope that helps


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