Which region everyone is buying?


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Lets face it, this is one of those movies everyone want to own. Are all regions gone be the same? Which region you getting & why?


Region 1, because apart from recently ordering a couple of R3s, that's all I ever buy. Plus my copy of TPM is R1 and I want to keep consistency... and you don't have the stupid BBFC rating logo all over the cover.

BTW, you will not be disappointed with the animated menus and Sound/Picture quality of the AOTC DVD. Trust me ;)


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Oh yeah, I remembered now, R2 does not include the headbut bit or something! :D
BBFC just makes me laugh!


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Both R1 and R2. You never know when you might be stuck with just a R2 player (god forbid)!!:eek:


R1 or R4. Depends on the price. Cheapest I've seen the R1 is @ dvdsoon but they charge your cc straight away.

Probably go to devoted for the R4 and it's PAL.
Don't forget that the R1 version had an horrendous amount of edge enhancement - the R2 had far less. If you have a front projector and a largish screen, it'll ruin the image.

I'm waiting to see what it's like after it's released. The R2 will probably be cut anyway, so it may have to be another region (i.e. 4) instead.



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R1 just so I have progressive scan on my front projector.


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Originally posted by Gary Lightfoot
If you use a HTPC, you'll have progressive scan whatever region you get. :D

No thanks, tried it, looks great but to much hassle :(


I have had my R1 copy on order evr since Play put it on their site, far later than the R2 I might add. The picture quality should be even better than EP1 with the use of Digital Cameras. This film has the promise to be the best DVD ever released. May the Force be with us. :D

Rambo John J

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Not just for the better price and the uncut film, but because I know it'll be in my player before the R2 ships from anywhere.

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