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Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by Cozziuk, Jan 4, 2007.

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    Hi everyone,

    Quality site here, being viewing threads here now for a week or 2 and need some advice on the amp in my new setup im putting together. As im not sure what i REALLY need and what is more of novely value.

    The set up is likely to be the following:

    sony 40x or w 2000 - looked at them both a couple of times now and in selfridges in the bullring (not buying from there though) they have them next to each other for good comparison showing the same thing - the x seems almost worth the extra money the detail was so much better. there also hopefully future proof.

    Acoustic Energy Evo B - good reviews, like the look, but not sure if 2 big 4 room 4m by 6m any comments?

    and the real dilema is whether its the sony 3200es or the pioneer 2016av both seem equaly good amps with the pioneer just having the edge musically with power output and thx select. BUT:confused: the sony is future proof with 1080p and won what hifi

    My questions are:

    1) If I'm not too concerned about using the amp for video (happy to use the tv) which is the better option.

    2) Could get the 1016 but therre no audio delay, and I dont want lipsync issues. Or can I get away with the 1016

    3) If I bi-amp the front speakers I assume I cannot have a Zone A aswell.

    The amp will be used about 30% for audio cd and 70% xbox/home cinema, and I live in a semi so it will never get played that loud, well not often anyway

    If you a believe the denon 2307 wold be a beterr then go ahead make my headach worse!

    If youve reasd all that youve done, if you send a respnse you deserve a :clap:

    thanks in advance


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