Which reciever upgrade??


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I currently have a 5 year old Yamaha RXV-595a amp which has done me proud, but now want to upgrade it.
I have the silver Harman Kardon DV25 dvd player so was thinking of the AVR330 which I've heard good things about and would also match nicely!.
Would I notice a significant performance increase with this amp over my present Yamaha?.
I want it to be more musical than the Yam but still hold its own when watching action films.
Also considering the Denon 2803, Marantz 5400OSE and Pioneer AX3.
Speakerwise, I have Mission 782s as fronts, Mission 70C2 centre and wharfedale WH2 bipole rears and Yamaha 90 sub.
Opinions please on your receiver recomendations.


Ed Selley

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The Harman is the only one of those I haven't heard but it is highly regarded on these pages. The Denon is an excellent all rounder and very attractive (you can have in three finishes currently as well). I have actually bought an AX3 (see my thread a little lower) and it suits me well but I warn you it isn't very musical (I don't need it to be). The 5400OSE is actually excellent in stereo but is no better than the untuned 5400 in DD/DTS, you might want to look at its bigger brother the SR7400 which is a much better all rounder.


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Thanks Tons. Will have a read up on the SR7400 to get an idea on it.
Any more opinions? Any other receivers I should be considering? My max budget is around the £550 - £600 mark.



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Thanks Dfour. Seems that they all have their merits at this price point and its quite hard to single one out as the ultimate £600 receiver, so I think I shall go for the HK 330 as it has good reviews and will match my DVD player.
Have just mailed avland to price match or beat softjams price of £557 delivered.

Thanks all.

Mike Delvaux

I ve had my Harman Kardon AVR 430 for seven days now and it is
absolutley superb. AV is exellent and CD reproduction is very good
I had th H/K AVR 65rds before and these new models are a significant improvment. i dont think you will be dissapointed.

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