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    Help, new to this and could do with some advice.

    I already have a Technics Prologic system, which I run my PC and TV into. Going into my TV I have my DVD player, Video, Cable Box and Xbox.

    I started looking at a cheap Sony all-in-one system, but then realised I'd probably be better to buy just a receiver, keep my DVD player, keep my existing Technics surround speakers and buy a sub.

    Been offered a Panasonic XR-15 for £100 (maybe less) and a Jamo 70W sub for £120. Looking at the Pansonic, it didn't really look much, so went to Richersounds. Was interested in the Teac AG10D, but advised that the Yamaha HTR5630 was better and couple this with a Gale Storm 8 sub, which came to £230. Read review on here, and although it gave the Yamaha 4/5 didn't seem to rate sound much.

    Others I'm tempted by are the Marantz SR4400, Sony STRKSL60 for £149 each, or if really worth the extra, the Cambridge Audio 540R for £249. I don't want to get too carried away, as only bedroom use at the moment. The Teac seemed more appealing at first due to the RRP being £329 compared to £199 of the Yamaha.

    Hope someone can help me and advise me of a decent system.

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