Which receiver for Oppo dual HDMI connections?

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The Oppo BDP-93 manual says I can run two HDMI cables from the device - one to a TV and one to a receiver. But I need a receiver with audio input capability. Which receivers can do this? I tried one Onkyo and one Sony and could not get sound from a center speaker wired to the receiver.

Here is the wording from the manual:

Connecting to a Display and Audio System using Dual HDMI

• BDP-93 provides a Dual HDMI connection to make sure you can enjoy the highest possible video quality and resolution, in addition to the high bit rate audio content. You can use the included HDMI cables to connect the HDMI 1 output to your HDTV and connect the HDMI 2 output to your receiver, also set the “Primary Output” option in the Video Setup section of the Setup menu to “HDMI 1” (see page 52 for details). In this way you can utilize the dedicated video processor available for HDMI 1 output, and allow your receiver which has no HDMI 1.4 inputs to work without any loss on the digital audio signals.

• Keep in mind that while Dual HDMI connection is only a recommended method, in fact, both of the HDMI outputs (HDMI 1 and 2) on the BDP-93 can send out digital audio and video signals at the same time, and can be connected to your TV or receiver/amplifier separately (see page 10 and 14 for details).

• Please refer to the notes of HDMI connection available on page 14.
• If your receiver does not have audio input capability, please try alternate connection methods discussed on pages 15 to 17.


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Av receivers hdmi inputs will convey audio and video.
Are you getting audio from the front L&R speakers?
If you play a cd in the oppo it will send 2.0 stereo to receiver,if you want use all speakers you will have to use dolby prologic or similar setting on the receiver.

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