Which Receiever to pair with KEF 5005.2


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Hi all, this is my first time posting and was just after some opinions and advice. I have the pioneer 500A plasma and have decided on my speakers ... going for the kef's 5005.2.

I was wondering what sort of level receiver i need to achieve the best results. Ideally i'd like to keep it pioneer for the Kuro link and remote heaven, so was thinknig the new Pioneer 1019ah receiver, or shoud i be looking at the next level perhaps the SC LX71

Would like to know your thoughts or hear from people with this kit?



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I have the KEF 5005.2 and I use a Marantz SR6003. I auditioned a number of receivers prior to the Marantz and in my opinion it was best combination. I don't remember trying the LX71 but I did try the LX51 and I felt that the Marantz was far better. Saying that there is no substitute for listening to the combination yourself to make up your own mind.


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I believe that they are brilliant speakers both by way of sound and design. The sub is brilliant as well and whilst you know it is there it does not overwhelm the sound. One of their best features is the centre channel. With other packages I had to turn the volume up in order to hear the dialogue. There was no need for such a thing with the 5005.2 as even at very low levels the dialogue was extremely clear. The speakers are extremely good in stereo mode and in my mind they offered the best deal for music and cinema sound. The only annoying thing was the fact that I couldn't use banana plugs but to be quite honest it has not made any difference. I also found the people at KEF when I had a couple of questions very helpful. All in all I don't think that you will be disappointed by the sound and they also look brilliant next to the TV!

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