Which rears, small preferably maple/beach to complete 5.1 or 7.1


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I have just got some cheap Tannoy mx3 fronts with the matching centre. I`m looking to add some second hand rears to complete either a 5.1 or 7.1 system running from a Denon2106. I know the fronts (mx3) arent the most expensive BUT for now its all i could afford. I will be certainly upgrading in several months so i want some rears that will still be useful when i upgrade fronts to something like AE Evo3s

Like i say i dont want to have to change rears as well.


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7.1 is probably best for folks with more space and/or larger rooms. They often include bipoles for the surrounds to give a more enveloping sound. This is pretty much for film only.

For your rears you could consider the following:

MxR's for a match with your present Mx's, if you can find any.
Eltac HT2 bipolars. Similar colours available (review) and better for film than 5.1 music.

Have you had a chance to fire up the Mx3's yet? Let me know what you think.


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no cable monkey i havent!
It will probably be weekend since i have no time until then! too much work at Uni! :(

Also to be honest, i havent got any decents inputs (ie Cd player or DVD) yet!! Waiting to save up for them .For now i`m just gonna use an old sony cd seperate my parents owned..cdp791 or something! Thats next on the agenda!



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if you on a budget then just get a pair of cheapish bipolars from Richer sounds, as suggested Eltax, or Gale etc.....

if u got £400 lying around, Monitor Audio RSFX are lovely surround speakers...hehe (i have the prev version, SFX....not available now unless second hand).....you could eventually build up a MA Silver RS surround package.....is kinda how i did it.....didnt buy all at once, took me 2 years almost to complete it....


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Look in the classifieds there are always some of those great mission di/bi polar speakers about, the 77ds is always well sought after although i have the m7ds and thats pretty good to my ears :) The music on top gun when the engines are flaring has to be heard to be believed all sournding and sounds terrific with no distortion.

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