Which rear surrounds to buy for 7.1


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Hi my set up currently comprises of Yamaha rxa810 reciever
Fronts and centre m&k lcr 55's
Rears def tech bi polar
Sub rel storm
Panasonic dmp320
Pioneer 737 DVD player
Xbox and wii
My question is which rear back surrounds speakers would suit this set up?


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It would also be helpful to know the size and layout of the room? In my limited opinion, it takes a larger room to do 7.1 well. Though certainly people with smaller room have managed it.

Where are the current Side Surrounds mounted, on the wall or on stands?

What mounting options do you have for the Rear Surrounds? These physical location and restriction will inform our advise.

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Ok budget not sure but my fronts were £300 each,rears £500 and sub £800 ish.
So that should give an idea of the sort of quality I'm used too.although I have no idea how that would pan out at today's prices.
Room size is 15'x14 and my rears are wall mounted at present,and the new ones would also need to wall mount.hope that helps really what I need to know is which speaker range would integrate well with my current speakers.


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Just realised I never got a reply to this.However my current thinking is too maybe use the m&k left and right as the side surrounds. Then replace the front with some floor standers, I would like to keep the m&k centre sooo .... How much should I expect to pay and what range should I be looking at ,I would've bought more m&k but can't . As for budget the minimum I would spend is £400 and max I'm really not sure but less than £800 if I can get away with it.


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I'd actually suggest you look at replacing the current 'rears' with some M&K TriPoles - such as the K4s.

As you can see from my sig, i have something similar to you... the rear effects from the K4's are stunning!

You could then keep the Def Tech's as 7.1 rears if you want and try them out....

There are a couple of sets of K4's in the classifieds at the moment.


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Thanks for that , from looking through the classifieds I've found ideal-av selling m&k's so think that's the way to go.Does anyone on here no how much they go for because the web site says call for price and because I'm not ready to buy yet. I don't want to waste their time
Regards colin


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I'd just email him: Allan is a member on here (and an Assured advertiser) and he doesn't bite, so far as I know. If you're up front that it's a future purchase then I doubt he'd mind.

EDIT: I meant to add that I have K4 tripoles as side surrounds and the monopole K5 speakers as back surrounds. It's quite a long room and the sofa is 2.5-3 metres in front of the back wall so the extra surrounds helps in my set up to fill the room, even with 'matrixed' (ie synthesised) rear surround signals.

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