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Which rear speakers? (5.1)



I have a room which is approx 12ft wide x 16ft long and maybe 8-9ft high. I will have the speakers setup widthways across, and so the rears will need to be mounted to the side of the listening position (as seat is up against wall).

Question is would normal speakers be better for rear sound effects in a 5.1 setup or would I benefit more from a set of bipoles? I have monitor bronze B2 fronts and am pondering the benefits of having the b1s on the rear or something like the BFX. thanks


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The surround speakers in 5.1 should be placed to the sides where ever possible. If you are wanting to listen to a lot of multi-channel audio I would suggest using monopoles. The most common surround speakers seem to be bipolars (which I use), but I beleive that THX mainly endorses dipolars. I have never heard any of the latter so can't comment. However, I do know that B&W's 6 and 7 series surround speakers offer a switchable circuit between dipolar and monopole, which could give you the best of both worlds.
If I had my way though, I would have tripole surrounds, like the M&K K4's at around £500 a pair which you will find heavily praised I'm sure.

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