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Dec 4, 2003
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Im looking in2 the idea of building my own pc instead of buying one but i need a bit of help before i start ordering any components for it.

The thing i need to know is what kind of RAM i need to buy, either pc2700 or pc3200. im more than likely going to have an Athlon XP 2600 cpu but im not sure which motherboard yet (any suggestions on that would be a big help aswell!!!).

Do i need to buy RAM that is the same MHz as the motherboard or the cpu? from what i gather pc2700 is 333MHz and pc3200 is 400MHz so which one will be better suited to the XP 2600?

If any of this makes no sense all then i apologize for my complete lack of knowledge but any help with be greatly accepted!!!!
It depends on your mobo yes. Why are you set on the Xp 2600?
a friend of mine got a new pc a few months ago which has an XP 2600 and he said it was great so i thought id get the same although if u know of 1 that is better quality/value then let me know.

With regards to the RAM question, what would happen if i got a mobo that had a speed of 400mhz and i got a cpu that had a speed of 333mhz, which ram would i use then or would that set up not work at all?
Use ddr 400, it will run fine with the standard 166 (333 ddr)fsb of the processor, and if the motherboard used has the required overclocking options, you could raise the processors fsb to 200 (400ddr) with no problems and have a xp3200+ equivilent chip for relatively cheap.
I agree with Steve, crucial have v.quick (next day) delivery. Came out as the best RAM for the price in CustomPC mag as well.

Do get the 2600+ athlon. Get a Barton 2500+ 333fsb. You can then run them it at 400fsb efffectively get a 3200+ for free!

RAM wise I would recommend OCZ for performance but Corsair Low Latency modules as a compromise ( ~£90).
I would recommend Corsair ram as well my mate got Crucial and had quite a few problems with it.
definately go for the 2500 and if possible get a mobile one as they are still unlocked.
get a decent mobo like a dfi infinity, stick the fsb to 200 and you're now running a 3200.
I am using OCZ Platinum DDR400 Ram.. no probs here.. its not the cheapest but meant to be very good if you want to overclock (without voiding the warranty)

i've got a 1800XP+ Athlon with 266FSB and PC133 512SD RAM.
my mo'bo is a soltek SL-75KAV/-X.

i would like to overclock it, in my mo'bo manual it says the FSB can go up by 2 more FSB speeds. i.e. i can select 280Mhz and lastly 300Mhz on 'SW1' on my mo'bo.

can i just change the 'SW1' switch settings? to the higher 280Mhz???
or do i have to mess around with the Voltage core etc, as i dont understand that stuff.

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