Which RAM disks?


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A new machine (HS2). Ok until I tried to use a JVC(NON cartridge) RAM disk....then got "stuck disc" problem. That is now sorted after a lot of hassle

What RAM discs do I go for Cartridge? Panny?





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That is now sorted after a lot of hassle
How did you get the disk out in the end if you don't mind me asking?

What RAM discs do I go for Cartridge? Panny?
Assuming you don't need to put them in a PC or a set-top player then I would get caddied ones (you can remove them from the Caddy but it's a pain).

Bear in mind you probably won't use RAM disks that much in your HS2 so don't get too many. Personally I just use them for 'medium term storage', i.e. I record a programme that I may want to archive and dub it to DVD-RAM for a couple of months to see if it gets an official DVD release. If it doesn't then I compile a DVD-R. This way the recording isn't cluttering up the HDD and is safe from being accidentally deleted.


I've not had a problem with any RAM disk but when a Dubbing to DVD-R session has died and the box goes into standby I press the eject button. This has the effect of powering up the box and opening the tray.

If it's really serious and you get the message saying it wants to initialise the disk then I just switch off at the mains and power back on and then do the above.

Hope this helps


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