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I fancy buying a really good rally driving game for my PS2.So far my only experience of rally driving on the PS2 has been in GT3 which i thought was pretty good. I was going to buy Colin McRae 3 but i see that WRC2 is due out at the end of next week. Has anybody got any accurate knowledge of this game and if so how does it compare to CM3? Which would be the best one to buy? I have to admit that i am leaning more towards WRC2.


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Stick with CM3. Played a demo of WRC 2 extreme and its poo, i liked the first one but this one seems worse.

If your after pure arcade then try WRC.

But realism stay with CM.


I agree, CM3 is the best for realism.


Well..I have to disagree...I've been playing WRC 2 extreme for a month now...and I prefer it to CM.

Just my tuppence!


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It's all very well have a 'tis - tisn't' discussion, but perhaps for the benefit of those who've not seen either (and are trying to decide between them), a little more depth could be gone into?


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Thanks for the replies. There does seem to be a definite difference of opinion on this one,but i dont have much to help me decide. I suppose the only true way to decide would be to find a video shop that has them both in stock and hire them.:)


or get the ps2 mag play the demo of wrc2 & that will make your mind up as this game is s**t get mcrae.


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Game have the demo in, they gave me a copy when i bought a game last week.


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how can wrc2 be rubbish.cm3 you can only drive the focus in career mode,it wont let you drive anything else.yes you can drive other cars but not in a championship as such.i`ve got cm3 and wrc,but will also get wrc2 extreme aswell.cm3 graphics are good as is the damage feature.it`s a shame that colin is now with citroen.so the game is out dated already :rolleyes: which everone you get you will not be disapointed.

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