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    I'm new to this so please bear with me.

    I'm thinking of getting a PVR of some sort and I'm really interested in being able to permantently record things on DVD. I know you can get machines that have both a HDD and a DVD writer but I'd also like to be able to change the HDD in the future. I've seen postings here about upgrading the disk in some machines.

    I've read about a network card and software that'll let you take a stream off a Tivo but they seem quite expensive to me (when you can find one) and the network card, etc. just adds to the cost.

    I've also seen a Netgem which has a USB port. You can add things such as a network device or a disk drive to this but does that mean you can save your recordings?

    Hope this is not too much of a ramble. Trying to learn before making a decision.


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    If you want the full PVR features then your only real option is TiVo (or perhaps Sky+ if you only want to use Sky).
    TiVo can easily be bought from www.tivoland.co.uk and can even be supplied with larger HDD and or TiVoWeb networking installed. All the supplied TiVo's are reconditioned (well TiVo is no longer made for the UK) but the guy that runs the company is a well respected member of the TiVo community forum and is always online ready and willing to offer support.
    In comparison to when TiVo was released it is now fairly cheap. I paid £400 for the TiVo plus £200 for the lifetime subscription. You can now get the boxes from around £200, perhaps even with a larger HDD fitted.
    There are details on the forum of 101 different hacks to improve the useability of TiVo from VBR to improve recording quality to soft padding to prevent missing the end of programs if they overrun (which the regularly do).

    If however all you want to do is make recordings to a DVD then a standard DVD recorder will do the job. It will only record with the same basic record functions as a VCR and therefore is not a PVR. Add a DVD/HDD combo and you will have a few extra editing features for easily removeing the adverts etc. A few of these recorders do now have an EPG that does give some basic PVR features, but not even close to the features of a TiVo.


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