Which PS3 to fix?


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My original ps3 stopped working about 3 months ago, most likely due to a lightning strike. The day after a heavy rain storm, I found that both my internet and my ps3 weren't working. My Ps3 was plugged into a surge protector but my router wasn't. I believe the surge went through the router and to my PS3, damaging something inside it. The PS3 will not respond to controller input, either through blutooth or even with the controllers plugged in through the USB. The controllers are fine (I've tested them on other PS3s). The funny thing is that my BD remote control can turn the PS3 on but it will not respond to any other inputs, even turning off. So that's my first PS3.

Being lazy and not wanting to to try and fix it, I bought a used PS3. it lasted for about 2 months, then died unexpectedly. The symptoms are almost YLOD, but not quite. The ps3 beeps on, I hear a whirring, and it immediately turns off with blinking red lights. There is no 'yellow' light in between.

So I now have two broken PS3s, and I'm going to try to fix one with parts from the other. I believe they're the same (fat) model, although one is 80gb and one is 40gb (the used one). I would like to scavenge parts from one to fix the other, but I'm not sure which is a more likely candidate to be resuscitated. What do you guys think?

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